Safety Inspections


What is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

It is an examination of the electrical system within and around a property by a suitably experienced and competent Electrician.

What are the types of Inspection?

Visual Inspection - Not electrical measurements taken, full visual inspection.
10% Tested & Inspected - Visual Inspection and electrical testing of 10% of the circuits
50% Tested & Inspected - Visual Inspection and electrical testing of 50% of the circuits
100% Tested & Inspected - Visual Inspection and full electrical testing on all circuits

Why is this testing important?

electrical safety inspectionsThere have been 30 deaths, 4000 injuries and 8000 house fires linked to electrical faults in the last 30 years*.
Reducing these figures is the reason ELECSA works so closely with its members to ensure the correct processes under Part P of the Building Regulations are adhered to.
Although most accidents in the home are linked to electrical faults and load levels or misuse of equipment, there are still a high number of occurrences linked to rogue workmanship or DIY.
This is the reason why Part P was introduced in January 2005 and why householders should always use a registered contractor to undertake electrical work in the home.
*Figures from the Electrical Safety Council

electrical safety inspections

Who should have these inspections?

Home Owners - Do you have confidence that your home is safe for your family?
Shop Owners - Under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
Office Owners - Under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
Landlords - There are numerous regulations governing Landlords. Advice on how to conform is free.

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