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What do you do when you have a tradesman doing work at your property and you are not happy with the standards???
That was the dilemma faced by one of our customers recently. She went through full court proceedings, and with our help, WON! Here's the story:

In November 2016 Jon Ballard went to see a home owner in Stourbridge (West Midlands), who had asked Ballard Electricians to 'correct and finish a rewire'. This isn't a normal everyday request. It’s a difficult undertaking for any electrician and is even more difficult to price accurately as you’re never sure what you might find as you work through it all.

She was very concerned about the standards of electrical work that had been conducted by her previous 'Electrician'. She asked a family friend (who works in the electrical industry) to come and have a quick look to put her mind at ease. He was not impressed either and immediately told her to get a couple of independent Electrical Contractors in to give their opinions and recommendations. Ballard Electricians were the second company to be invited to conduct a survey - The first company refused to touch this job.

On initial inspection, it was obvious to Jon Ballard there were many faults with the work that had been carried out. After a long discussion and a full explanation of what we would do to correct the situation, a price was agreed and Jon with his team commenced work on the installation. As the electrical system was methodically worked through, lots more issues came to light, some dangerous failures and blatant fraud.

The electrical re-working process was completed in early December 2016 and the customer is now very happy - at least with us!!!

She was very determined to get a refund from the previous electrician or if needs be, take him to court. The previous electrician refused any form of refund or acknowledgment of poor work so the court process began.

After many hours of technical reports and witness statements, Jon Ballard found himself in court supporting this customer in her claim. The Judge, who was once a lawyer in the construction industry, was impressed with our reports and preparation. After going through the process of how he will break down the argument the Judge sent us all out for a chat to see if we could settle this without him needing to pass judgement.

The defending electrician started the discussion and made a financial offer to our customer. However, this amount was ridiculously low for the stress, upset and costs endured and was refused by our customer. With Jon Ballard’s help, and after much more conversation between the parties involved, our customer and the defending electrician came to a financial agreement.

Job done. Having the courage and determination to get what is right does work. If in doubt get a second opinion!

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