Residential Outdoor Lighting Installations

Residential Outdoor Lighting Installations

It’s that time of year... and the nights are drawing in.

Do you want to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space? Do you want to improve the Security lighting to increase your safety?


We advise considering two different sources of light, used in different ways and activated in different ways:

  • Comfortable. For those evenings where you have friends over for drinks and food - soft, unobtrusive lighting. E.g. wall lanterns, small lamp posts, brick lights etc.
  • Security. The deterrent that might stop anyone trying to gain entry to your property (CCTV is also something that is recommended).

We provide all types of domestic outdoor lighting. Whether its for security purposes, cosmetic or both we have the expertise to help design lighting to suit your needs.

We have an extensive knowledge of different light sources and manual or automated control systems available.

Some Examples:

  • Spotlights - Maybe in the soffit above your garage?
  • LED’s - Low cost lighting effects £££
  • Dimmers - For the effect
  • Security lighting - A thief will be easily spooked!!
  • Emergency lighting - If you have a power cut and can’t remember where the torch is...


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